HKNIC - Nuclear Power in the World

Nuclear Power in the World

Today, nuclear power makes use of nuclear fission, or the splitting of atoms with neutrons, to produce energy. The nuclear fission technology used for power generation was first developed in the 1940s and 1950s. There are currently over 400 commercial nuclear power generating units operating in 30 countries, supplying about 11% of the world electricity.

Thirteen countries depend on nuclear power for at least a quarter of their electricity:
 Around three quarters: France
 Around half: Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine
 Around one third: Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech, Finland, Slovenia, South Korea, Switzerland
  Around one fifth: Romania, Russia, Spain, US
World Nuclear Power Reactors as of 1 July 2017
Nuclear Power in the World
World Nuclear Association: July 2017

Building/Construction = first concrete for reactor poured, or major refurbishment under way
MWe = Megawatt net capacity