HKNIC - Keeping Safe Operation

Keeping Safe Operation
In addition to safety in design, a nuclear installation must have a clear commitment to safety at all levels of operation. A safety culture is a combination of attributes and attitudes at the policy level, in organisational management and among individuals, that give safety issues their due priority. It is also a reflection of the structure and style of the organisation, expressed through management and policy commitments, and individual actions.

At Daya Bay, safety culture begins with a clear statement of commitment to safety by station management, followed by defining clearly the precise safety requirements and fostering a sense of ownership of the objectives, requirements and principles of safety.

Image Credit : DNMC
This commitment to safety is supported by the professionalism of the management itself and by the independent assurance process at the station. All processes must conform to national and international requirements and cover:

planning and controlling work activities
using properly trained, qualified and licensed personnel to perform tasks and verification activities
extracting clear and accurate information from the plant for the operators and station management to facilitate plant operation and decision making
taking on board international best practices for operation and maintenance procedures and practices covering both normal operations and emergencies
having a feedback process, including management review, to identify, analyse, correct and report any abnormal situations
completing documentary evidence to demonstrate compliance with operational standards
meeting regulatory oversight on plant operation and any safety-related events and following statutory requirements