HKNIC - International Exchange

International Exchange
As the operator of Daya Bay, the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Company, Limited - or DNMC -- needs to keep in regular contact with the international nuclear community, to exchange information and ensure that the facility continues to operate at world class levels of safety.

Overall technical responsibility for the construction of the power station was assigned to the French national utility EDF, which has continued to provide engineering services since Daya Bay was commissioned in 1994.

To assist the work of DNMC, teams of experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency are invited to visit the power station at regular intervals to review operational safety with reference to international best practices and to share experiences of operational issues. Experts from the World Association of Nuclear Operators also visit Daya Bay on a regular basis to conduct reviews, exchanges, workshops and seminars.

These visits are supported by twinning and exchange agreements with a number of electric power utilities worldwide which help DNMC to keep in touch with the latest developments within the international nuclear community.

Image Credit : DNMC