HKNIC - Monitoring Authorities

Monitoring Authorities
As a member state of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), China works to fulfil its relevant obligations and makes reference to IAEA guidelines in monitoring Daya Bay operation.

China's Ministry of Environmental Protection is responsible for overseeing environmental protection, including protection against radiation, at the country's nuclear installations. The ministry specifies the radiation dosage limits for the public and the permitted levels of radioactive releases for nuclear installations, and carries out environmental monitoring. Independent monitoring of radioactive releases at Daya Bay is carried out by the regional environmental bureau.

The National Nuclear Safety Administration is a regulatory body under the ministry responsible for the safety of nuclear installations. Its duties include supervising the safe operation of Daya Bay and it conducts on-site activities, including safety inspections, through its regional office in Guangdong and its inspector team at Daya Bay.

Image Credit : DNMC