HKNIC - Inside a Conventional Island - The Turbine-Generator

Inside a Conventional Island - The Turbine-Generator

The turbine converts the energy in the steam into mechanical energy by rotating the turbine shaft at 3,000 revolutions per minute. The turbine consists of a double-flow high pressure stage and three double-flow low pressure stages. Steam enters at 61 bar and 277º C, with steam humidity at 0.69% at the high pressure stage, and 7.4 bar and 265º C at the low pressure stage. Steam enters the turbine at a rate of 1.5 tonnes per second.

The generator converts mechanical energy from the turbine shaft into electrical energy. It is coupled directly to the steam turbine, both turning at the same speed. It generates 984 MW of electricity at 26kV, which apart from being used at the station itself is stepped up to 400 kV and 500kV to feed the transmission networks that transmit power to Hong Kong and Guangdong.