HKNIC - The Need for Emergency Preparation

The Need for Emergency Preparedness
According to sophisticated computer analysis and international experts, an accident at Daya Bay would have virtually no direct radiological impact on Hong Kong. In the first instance, the 90 centimetre thick containment building at the plant would prevent radioactive material from escaping into the atmosphere. Should there be any escape, however, the distance of the power station from both Hong Kong and Shenzhen would make evacuation or sheltering of their populations unnecessary.

Neither city is close to Daya Bay by international comparison, as shown in the table below.

City Distance from the nearest nuclear power station(name in brackets)
Taipei (Taiwan)   25 km (Kuosheng)
28 km (Chinshan)
Toronto (Canada)   30 km (Pickering)
Busan (South Korea)   35 km (Kori)
Lyons (France)   35 km (Bugey)
Pittsburgh (USA)   40 km (Beaver Valley)
Miami (USA)   40 km (Turkey Point)
Glasgow (UK)   45 km (Hunterston)
Shenzhen (China)   45 km (Daya Bay)
Hong Kong (China)   50 km (Daya Bay)
Kyoto (Japan)   60 km (Ohi)
New York (USA)   60 km (Indian Point)