HKNIC - Contingency Planning for Hong Kong

Contingency Planning for Hong Kong
Even though Hong Kong is outside the 10 kilometre sheltering zone for emergency planning for Daya Bay, the Hong Kong government has developed a contingency plan in the unlikely event of an emergency at Daya Bay. The plan is regularly tested to ensure its effectiveness, and to assure the public that the authorities are well prepared and equipped to safeguard the public in the event of a nuclear-related accident.

Emergency Notification and Monitoring

Image Credit : DNMC
Should an emergency occur, the station operators at Daya Bay must immediately inform various national and provincial authorities including the emergency response organisation in Guangdong. On making an emergency declaration, the Guangdong emergency response organisation would notify its counterpart in the Hong Kong government and provide all available information of relevance. The Chinese authorities would also meet their obligation under the International Atomic Energy Agency Convention on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident and immediately inform the Agency and neighbouring states of the accident.

The Hong Kong Observatory maintains a radiation monitoring network of 10 field stations which continuously monitor the ambient gamma radiation level throughout Hong Kong. Any significant increases in the level would trigger a quick assessment of the situation and of any requirement for additional measurements or monitoring.

The General Public

Given that radioactivity decreases substantially with distance and that Hong Kong and Shenzhen are at a safe distance from Daya Bay, even in the highly unlikely event of a significant release of radioactivity during an accident, there would be no need for the general public in either city to take action such as staying at home or seeking shelter.

In the unlikely event of such an accident, the Hong Kong government would set in motion procedures including the continued monitoring of radiation levels, drinking water and food within and entering Hong Kong, and radiation checks on people entering Hong Kong. The measures would include the evacuation of Ping Chau, an outlying island some 12 kilometres to the west of Daya Bay, together with the seas surrounding it in Mirs Bay, as well as providing other assistance that may be required to safeguard the community. The public would be kept fully informed and advised on any appropriate action through radio, television and press announcements.