HKNIC - Management and Training

Management and Training
Daya Bay requires about 600 staff members for its operation. About 500 of them are technical staff. More than 90 percent have completed university/tertiary education and 70 percent are professionally qualified. Daya Bay still maintains a small team of international advisors, most of whom are French engineers seconded from the French national power company EDF.

All staff members working in the power station must undergo stringent training on nuclear safety.

All operators must obtain a licence issued by the National Nuclear Safety Administration before they can work in the control room, and sit a re-qualifying examination every two years. They also have to attend simulator training to keep themselves abreast of the latest technologies and practices.

International and local contractors engaged to work on plant projects and refuelling overhauls are also subject to stringent training in line with international practice.

To learn from the best practices around the world, Daya Bay organises regular exchanges and seminars with international bodies such as the World Association of Nuclear Operators and the International Atomic Energy Agency, as well as with its sister stations in France, South Africa, Belgium and China.

Image Credit : DNMC