HKNIC - Location and Site Selection

Location and Site Selection
The nuclear power station is located 7 kilometres east of Dapeng in the municipality of Shenzhen, on the coast of Daya Bay in China's Guangdong province. It is about 45 kilometres from the city centre of Shenzhen, and about 50 kilometres from Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong.

This distance is in line with international practice, with most nuclear power stations in other parts of the world located some 30 to 50 kilometres from the nearest city centre.

The site was chosen after careful analysis of detailed studies that indicated suitable seismological and geological conditions, low risk of meteorological hazards such as flooding, tidal waves and severe storms, as well as adequate water cooling sources, reliable power grid interconnection, adequate distance from the consumers, sufficient distance from commercial flight paths, major cities and hazardous industrial installations and a low environmental impact.